1) The Infernus Paradise

The Infernus Paradise is a car stunt game as you never seen before!
Run on narrow and wide roads in the ocean.
Beat the world records set by your opponents and become the best stunt driver, don't be fooled by your mind, focus on the path in different type of weather, pick the nitro and remember, just run and never stop.

· 10 Impossible stunt maps
· World classification
· 18 Customization parts
· 3 Weather times
· 3 Controller modes
· 3 Graphics settings

· Incredible and realistic graphics
· Realtime reflections
· Simulated realtime ambient occlusion
· Realistic stylized graphics
· Realtime lighting
· Realtime sun shafts and lens flares

2) Soviet Project - Horror Game

This is not just the Soviet Union simulator. The action of this survival 3D FPS game takes place in the silent city of Zhukovsk, similar to Chernobyl. On an autumn night in 1991, the entire population of the silent city was evacuated for an unknown reason.
You are an ordinary resident of the Chernobyl-like city. You did not have time to evacuate at night. And you are forced to survive on your own like a stalker now.
In the survival 3D FPS indie game you need to explore the deserted realistic city in Chernobyl style like a stalker, solve puzzles and find a way out of the situation.

3) Pumped BMX Flow

The no.1 rated BMX game is BACK!

Welcome to a BRAND NEW, totally redesigned, totally radical BMX game - Pumped BMX Flow!

Flow through endless jumps, pull off insane stunts, and compete in Daily Leaderboards to be the best in the world.

Based on the global success of the Pumped BMX series, Pumped BMX Flow is a new FREE game that challenges you to complete challenges and smash high scores. Spend your winnings to unlock wild level obstacles, stunning bikes or fresh new characters!

4) Gear Enigmas

Gear Enigmas” is a hand-drawn adventure puzzle game that tells the story of a young mechanician named Carl found the secret of his grandfather in the house and uses the puzzle to restore the truth of what happened several years ago, at the same time, protecting his family from evil enemies. In this game, players will at the first-person perspective. The exquisite scenes and the beautiful and soft game music make players feel as if they are in the beautiful steampunk scene, searching for clues, solving puzzles and exploring the truth together with the protagonist.

Game features:
1. Hand-painted in punk style, take you to experience the charm of steampunk world.
2. Rich and interesting puzzles, the double collision of wisdom and imagination.
3. Different styles of sound effects, wearing your headphones, it’s a special immersive experience
4. Complicated and confusing plot, unexpected but reasonable.
5. Well-designed dialogue. Following the substantial dialogue and capturing vivid character designs.

5) Sandbox City

Welcome to Sandbox City!

🌇 Run free and drive around in a lively city full of pedestrians, zombies, and traffic in first or third person.

🥊 Punch the zombies and 🚘 Run them over to save the population of Sandbox City!

🔫 Equip yourself with weapons to survive, such as MP-40, grenades, baseball bats, and many more to come!

🚗 Borrow one of the many AI cars, such as taxis 🚕 police cars 🚓 ambulances 🚑 vans 🚚 and more!

💰 Earn money by killing enemies (either by melee, ranged, or roadkill) and spend it in the Shop to equip yourself with better gear.

6) Alien Food Invasion

They came from the depths of a galaxy far, far away. Their plan: wipe out humanity. But from the moment they landed on your farm, everything went wrong! This is the story of a failed invasion and a great alien BBQ.

Improve your family and your farm, hunt down aliens and create delicious meals to sell them to your hungry customers. Control your beloved family members in exciting missions with trigger happy Edward, his heavily armed wife Grace and their axe wielding daughter Liz. Become rich, famous and well fed. It's time to defeat the alien invasion!

7) Xenophobia: Pixel Horror Game

XENOPHOBIA: PIXEL HORROR GAME is a terrifying and challenging 2d horror game, where you need to complete your objective, while being followed by various Begins, hiding in the dark.

Metallic thumps are getting closer. Red eyes shine from dark corners. Will you survive this unpleasant adventure?

-Stay on your foot, begins won't let you stay in one place for long.

-Listen to your surroundings, every stray noise could completely change the situation. But be aware that the Begins will listen too.

-Immerse in the story of your Character. There is a mysterious story surrounding your Player. Will you piece the puzzles together?

8) Ninja Chowdown

Play as Donatsu, the chubby and agile ninja from the Dough-jo — a donut shop by day and a ninja dojo by night.

► Destructoid - “Ninja Chowdown proves running doesn’t always lead to weight loss.”
► GamesXtreme - “You can't go wrong with an arcade running game...especially if we're talking about a game where you're a fat ninja who is chasing donuts. Creativity at its best.”
► MobileGamingHub - “Ninja Chowdown offers an entertaining and comical experience to players by combining the runner-style gameplay with the chubby 2D pixel art aesthetics of the game.”
►Pocket Gamer - “ endless runner infused with some delightful arcade mechanics, creating a dish that you’ll eat (well, play) for hours at a time…

9) Gunfire Reborn

Ready for the next「Reborn」?

Gunfire Reborn is an adventure level-based game featured with FPS, Roguelite and RPG. Players can control heroes with various abilities to experience diverse build gameplay, use randomly dropped weapons and props to explore random levels. This game supports solo mode and multiplayer mode with up to four players. Gunfire Reborn Mobile has reset and upgraded its basic Controls as well as weapon shooting performance, and strives to achieve an authentic game experience on mobile devices.

Venture into hail of gunfire, reborn in desperate landscapes!
After 2 million of sales on Steam, Gunfire Reborn is now on mobile!

10) Rise Of Demons: mobile FPS

Welcome to Rise Of Demons, fast paced old school style first person arena based shooter you all have been waiting for! With fast responsive controls, realistic graphics and full action packed gameplay, slay demons and hoards of zombies as you race against time with futuristic arsenal available at your disposal.


A fresh new perspective.
Unique never seen before gameplay on mobile platform. With large hordes of zombies on your screen to unique demons you will want to slay more and more enemies. With modes like time trial to extra life pickups the game gives you full choice & complete freedom to master the levels.