1) Racing Xperience: Online Race

Realistic Racing Physics
• Open World Maps
• Free Walking
• Over 195 cars with detailed interior
• Motorcycles
• Record Gameplay
• Game Modes: Street and Circuit Racing, Drag Racing, Drifting, Open World
• Multiplayer racing with real people
• Performance Tuning: engine swap, brakes, turbo, supercharger, drivetrain, suspension
• Visual Customization: paint, dynamic liveries, spoilers, over 100 rims, neon lights
• Livery share system. Save and load liveries from your device.
• Formula cars and Karting
• 4x4 and SUV's
• Trucks and trailers
• Different racing drivers
• Driving and Drifting Challenges
• Dynamic time and weather
• Winter and summer seasons
• Gas stations and pit stops
• Police cars
• Fuel system
• Manual gearbox with clutch
• Real engine simulation
• Nitrous
• Traffic system

2) Logan Drift Simulator

Are you bored with other fake simulation games? This Simulation game is for you. Get the Logan model car. Drift or drive whatever you want. The taste of driving the Logan on 6 different maps is another.

Features of the game;

- 7 different modification options. ( Color Setting, Wheel Setting, Winding Setting and other varieties.)
- 6 different driving dynamics. ( Realistic driving dynamics. Realistic Drift Dynamic sand other varieties. )
- 3 different weather events. ( It is rainy, snowy, sunny. )
- 6 different maps. ( City, Snowy Mountain, Green Valley, Drift Arena, Desert, Racing. )
- 3 different car models. ( Aventador, Scirocco, Logan. )
- 4 different cameras. ( Normal, Drift, Cockpit, Action, Random. )
- 3 different controls. ( Steering, Right - Left, Automatic Gas. )
- 5 different features. ( Headlight System, Horn, Slow Time Feature, Turbo and Police Sireni. )
- Car signal system. ( The car signal feature is available. If you want, you can open the signals.

3) Need Night Street Underground

Before you is a huge open world. The dynamic and open world of XCar Street Driving will make you feel like a truly free street racer. Become a legend in Sunset City. Realistic racing on autobahns and city street. Buy your dream car with playful money. We would like to inform you that the game is not a clone of need for speed zeal or care street. This game features modern special effects, musical editing. The game has its own unique story. Many mechanics and actions are branded, which is not found in other games of this style.The game is considered an open world racing game. In addition to the career option in the open world racing type, there is also online racing, where you can meet your friends or other players from different countries. In the game there is an opportunity to feel the maximum speed, during the ramp racing jump.

4) Real Car Driving Simulator Pro

Real Car Driving Simulator PRO will mark the year 2023 as an advanced real car driving simulator. With the best driving physics, a large open world where you can drive and drift freely, and extraordinary customizations, you won't be able to give up on CDS!

- Car Driving Simulator comes with Classic cars, off-road cars, race cars, tuned cars and SUVs! Choose your favorite car and modify it endlessly! Then you can drift as you wish and burn the asphalt!

- In Real Car Driving Simulator Pro, you can upgrade the engine, transmission, wheels and suspension of All cars. You can even make the engine scream by plugging in nitro and dusting the roads. Exactly for car game fans!

- If you like to modify, you will not be able to give up the car driving simulator. If you want to be a modification master, choose your vehicle now and modify your car with thousands of modification options!

5) تاپ اسپید : بازی با سرعت

 Top Speed 🔥
** The game needs at least 2 GB of RAM to run smoothly! **

It's time to play with your feet on the clutch and make a drift in the street!
Experience the most different driving game with Top Speed, this game requires a professional driver, so if you think you are a professional driver, install the game faster and enjoy driving.
Features and facilities:
More than 20 high quality domestic cars
Full car personalization (fins, body color, sticker, pheromone round, license plate, exhaust, horn, glass color, wheel height, etc.)
Various cargo missions
Drag competitions
Large city with professional indoor traffic
Airport to drift and earn points
Various settings to create slider pedals, graphics, sound and ...
Attractive and smooth user interface
Demonstrative movements in different parts of the game